Hybrid IT

- Fujitsu helps customers creating a distributed IT from edge to core to cloud
- By integrating own and products from leading technology partners to end-to-end solutions reducing project time and risks

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St. Peter's Catholic School promotes digital transformation and keeps students safe

It's been really helpful having Invotec and Fujitsu help us to implement all our new systems. We went from the dark ages into the present.

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Nizwa College relies on VDI infrastructure based on PRIMERGY and ETERNUS

Beforehand, if there was an issue, we would have to wait until classes had ended to sort it out, which could take up a day of our time. Today, when there is a problem with one device, I log into the Fujitsu console from my own office and resolve it in ten minutes.

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Fujitsu supported RZW GmbH in planning a modern data center achieving maximum reliability and 99.98-percent availability

Thanks to good planning and organization in close cooperation with the Fujitsu experts and the high-performance IT infrastructure equipment, we now have an ultra-modern data center that reliably meets all requirements of TÜV level 3 certification and offers future-proof technologies.

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The City of Calhoun increases the reliability of their digital services by implementing PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems enabling disaster recovery

Digital services are important not just for our 150 users but also for all our citizens, so ensuring maximum availability is our responsibility. Fujitsu and Pinnacle NetworX have helped us achieve this.

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Sofia Tech Park turned to Fujitsu to create an affordable, reliable, and scalable HPC cluster

We are very happy with our Fujitsu HPC cluster, which delivers reliable, affordable, and scalable high-performance computing. When we come to upgrade the technology, we will undoubtedly look at the new technology Fujitsu has to offer.

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PRIMERGY servers enable research projects to be completed up to ten times faster at UAE

From start to finish, including delivery, installation, testing, benchmarking and finally production, it took just two weeks and required zero downtime of the original system.

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Gunsun City Hall introduced a Fujitsu server and storage VDI platform to enable efficient and flexible anytime, anywhere access while reducing security risks

Desktop virtualization enables people in affiliated organizations, as well as Gunsan City Hall, to connect to the cloud PC at any time, from anywhere, to enable efficient work processes, improving productivity.

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Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar deploys HPC infrastructure to enable fast completion of complex, academic projects

Having our own PRIMEFLEX for HPC infrastructure means we don't need to rely on the cloud so there are no subscriptions and no waiting. We can publish more academic papers quickly and, as a result, attract more grants.

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